Julie Robins & Aiken Horsemanship Academy

HeadShotYESSmallI always say that I live a charmed life!  I have been so blessed to turn my passion into my business and do what I love everyday!  I love horses and I love sharing what I know about horses with people.  Since 2005, it has been my honor and privilege to do just that here at Dragonfly Farm, the home of Aiken Horsemanship Academy.



dez bdless frontI created Aiken Horsemanship Academy (AHA) and an amazing staff, to be a resource for professionals, competitors and recreational riders.  Each of us has a support team for our horses usually including a veterinarian, farrier, trainer, body worker, etc.  My goal is that AHA becomes a key member of your horse’s team, providing resources for the thinking side of your horse.  We focus on helping you develop the mental and emotional fitness in your horse.  We teach you to understand the horse and solve the problem, while setting your horse up for success.  Whether it is starting a young horse under saddle, or just filling in a hole or two, we are here to help!

aWorking2 Want to Host Julie?

Julie would love to come and teach a clinic for you and your friends. Each clinic can be tailored to meet you and your fellow riders needs. Clinics range from Obstacles to Horse Psychology.

Contact us to see what we can do for you! Tiffany@JulieRobins.com or call us at 1(803)761-4342.


Horse Experiences

Have you ever wanted to experience true unity with a horse at liberty or bridle-less?

Would you like to know how she self loads horses into trailers or leads them without a halter or lead? Julie offers you the chance to work with one of her horses to do just that! Experiences are offered at Aiken Horsemanship Academy in Aiken, SC and lasts two hours. Double the fun and bring a friend. Lunch and snack included. Contact us Tiffany@JulieRobins.com or call 1(803)761-4342 for more details.

(Thanks Shelly Schmidt for this photo!)

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Private Lessons Packages

After your evaluation is complete. Julie will customize a lesson package just for you! Helping you reach your horsemanship dreams, no matter how big or small!! Hard work, Dedication, and Education will make you a success! Contact us Tiffany@JulieRobins.com or call 1(803)761-4342 for more details.


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Problem Solving

Sometimes our horse is perfect…except for that one little thing. Julie can help! Julie offers help with specific issues such as trailer loading, catching, clipping, handling feet, bathing and more. Travel fee may apply outside of Aiken, SC. Helping you fill holes in your horse’s training. Contact us Tiffany@JulieRobins.com or call 1(803)761-4342 for more details.

If you find yourself in Aiken, SC, feel free to stop by for a visit!  Just call 1(803)761-4342 to make arrangements.

If you live in Aiken, we hope to be a resource for you and your horse!  Consider joining Club AHA, spectating an event or signing up for an evaluation today!